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Natural Beauty


Natural Beauty


Australia is a unique wonderland, rich in natural beauty and vast wilderness. From the Great Barrier Reef to Ayer’s Rock, to the desert and our beautiful beaches that surround our sparkling island paradise, our Natural Beauty Safaris are full of postcard perfect landscapes and delightful surprises. Opt for some laidback adventure or pack your day full of it, knowing you’re coming home every evening to luxurious glamping living.

Touching The Ground Lightly

Every one of our Glamping Safaris is designed with the earth in mind. So, our business and eco-system is one that works in harmony with its surroundings we’re showcasing. Our campsites are constructed without any intrusion on the natural habitat, ensuring our sacred land remains sacred.

Our specially crafted designer tents are powered by renewable solar energy and have a complete water and waste recycling program in place during your stay and once our guests leave. There’s even a veggie patch for the kitchen, whether it be sweet strawberries to sprinkle on your breakfast granola or fresh baby tomatoes and a dash of parsley for dinner.

Our land is our national treasure, and it is up to all of us to protect it while enjoying it. This means ensuring our ecofootprint and yours when you stay with us, is the most sustainable it can be. So that we can continue our Glamping Safaris for many years to come.

Australia Glamping Safari

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