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About Glamping Safari

Ready to glamp it up
Designed Experience

Why Glamp with us?


What does Glamping mean

What does ‘Glamping’ mean? It literally means, ‘Glamorous Camping’. Where you don’t need to pitch a tent, or walk a mile to take a shower – everything is there, ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Sounds fun and easy, right? Well, Glamping Safari Australia takes this concept even further. We’re talking serious designer luxury in Australia’s great outdoors.

Our world-class Glamping Safaris give you the opportunity to get amongst the real Australia and recharge your tired batteries, while enjoying a supreme level of comfort and indulgence that lets you truly relax and replenish your soul in style. Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Connect to Australia

Discovering History

Created to share real Australian stories in real Australian settings, this is your chance to connect or reconnect with our ancient land and its cultural indigenous past. To be transported to another time and place as you doze under our bewitching Milky Way, away from all the city lights, waking up only to count your shooting stars.

Our Destination

Explore Australia in Style

Just choose from one of our amazing nature or adventure locations and let us do all the rest. With extra little tailored touches thrown in to suit your style.

Australia Glamping Safari

Ready to glamp it up, Safari style? Let’s go!

Our People

Our national team currently stands at 600 and is continuing to grow strong. We all believe in our core values of curiosity (inspiring innovation and education), compassion (a caring environment that allows people to take risks) and competitiveness (driving focus and discipline).

We’re also proud that 50% of our team are of Indigenous origins, working in all aspects of our business – from management and tour guides, to chefs and drivers. We’re fully committed to supporting our indigenous partnerships, this great country we live in and its rich heritage.

Wahroonga Campsite Manager

Fraser Island Campsite Manager

Jervisa Bay Campsite Manager

Whitsunday Campsite Manager
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